Derinsola Aremu

The founder and director of House of Phoebe Arts, Phebian Oguntoyinbo-Adekunke has said that poetry can be deployed as a way forward for nation building especially with regards to the development of the younger generations.

She said this during an exclusive interview with her on her unshifting interest in poetry as a genre of the art.

According to her, poetry has positive impacts on the social and emotional learning of children, as it offers them new ways of thinking. It also motivates children to read and build phonemic awareness, fluency, expression and develops the writing their skill.

She said, “I feel duty bound to help shape the mental strength of the next generation of our smarties through the aesthetics of poetry. That brought about the creation of my children oriented organization, House of Phoebe Arts, where poetry is the core signature”.

Also, in a bid to further motivate and reward young minds for their talents, she came up with the “Kids RECITE” competition, officially sponsored by GMXstudioz monthly, where cash prizes are being given to smart kids.

She further explained how both international and national events in the country are now spiced up with different poetic performances. She described poetry as a useful tool in influencing people because of its emotive and linguistic capture of thoughts and ideas.

Mrs Oguntoyinbo-Adekunle however mentioned that funding is a major setback confronting the art of poetry. She envisaged that the full potential of poetry in our world today would be fully utilised. People should further support and embrace poetry through donations in form of cash and prizes, also it should be allowed more often in events and occasions.

In her words, “the growth and numbers of participants in poetry are growing tremendously, so much fund is required. It would be so amazing to have more prizes to give out to our competing poets monthly, to encourage more participation”.

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