Tolulope Ayileka

It is no news that tens and hundreds of Nigerians troop out of the country everyday due to insecurity and economic instability in search of Greener Pastures in other countries. According to statistics, there are over 17 million Nigerians in diaspora and one can only imagine if they have intentions of returning to their father’s land.

This however doesn’t seem to be the case of a London-based family who sent their daughter Oluwashikemi on a vacation back home to mingle and learn about the culture of her home, Nigeria.

Miss Shikemi Ajibade is a London-based Teenager born to Nigerian Parents. She was born and raised alongside three other siblings in Dublin, Republic of Ireland in the UK.

Upon arriving in Lagos for her long vacation with her grandma, Shikemi was quick to discover her hidden talents, skills and experienced firsthand the culture and lifestyle of her Father’s land.

In an exclusive interview and report by TVC’s Ola Awakan, she stated that “It has made me see that there are actually two sides to the world. In Nigeria, you have to work really hard to put food on the table for your family. It’s not as easy as it is in London”

When asked how her vacation had affected her, Shikemi revealed that she discovered her musical talents in song writing and singing and has recorded a single title “Our God”.

She revealed that the song was inspired by how great God had been in her life and others, stating that “if you are close to God, he’ll show you great things you never thought will come your way”

Shikemi also revealed that she is now an entrepreneur as she learnt Make-up and Gele tying, a skill she didn’t have access to learn back in the United Kingdom.

The teenage CEO revealed that with her newly learnt skill, she could earn not less than 50 pounds per service back at home, a feat she never thought was possible until her visit to Nigeria.

Shikemi’s grandmother, Mrs Mercy Idowu Adebowale, who happens to be a retired educationist only had proud words to say about her granddaughter.

“She has stayed in Nigeria for just 3 months and she was able to achieve all this and it’s a big kudos to her”.

She also urged parents to teach their children cultural values and morals because according to her, there is increase of moral decay in children and this generation because their parents failed to imbibe them with the necessary values and training.

She further stated, “Good Parenting is bringing your children to your home so they can see and experience things for themselves”.

Meanwhile, in the documentary, an interview was conducted with the Chairman, Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa and she commended Shikemi’s parents for encouraging their daughter to experience the Nigerian culture and also encourages other Nigerian parents in diaspora to follow suite in the promotion and teaching of the nation’s diverse culture and values to the younger generations.

She further revealed that the Commission is currently working on a project named “Home Strings”.

The purpose of this initiative is to create a sort of workshop and camp where Nigerian children in diaspora can be exposed to their native culture from cultural shows, language classes, art exhibitions and the likes. According to Mrs Dabiri-Erewa, some parents have shown interest and the initiative will roll out soon.

Although not all parents are confident to send their children back to the country due to her current state of unrest and insecurity, we can only urge the Federal government and security operatives to hasten in their activities to combat these unrest and turbulence the nation is currently facing and make Nigeria a safe country once again.

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