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In the war between humanity and mother nature, who will come out a victor? Will Africa, the supposed cradle of life, humanity and civilization be able to triumph or are we doomed either ways?

Drawing from the wells of Africa’s deep literary heritage and wisdom, is a one of a kind masterpiece that speaks volume of the depth and creativity of the African Continent.

Darksand, written by Nigeria’s own son of the soil, Jewel Fitila is Africa’s first written and Published science fiction novel.

Set in a dystopian world in 2030 AD, this book reveals the fate and survival of humanity particularly the African continent after mother earth which we revere so much fights back with her most powerful yet overlooked beauty “PLANTS”.

As humanity’s pride and quest for glory and power and war grows, nuclear-powered bombs were used and radiation began to spread, killing billions of people and reshaping continents and the way of life of those who managed to survive.

Africa almost wiped off the map was labeled, “the radiation zone” where life ceased to exist. They called it “Dark sand”. Unknown to the world, there were some survivors; People confined to a small town in a forest. Seemingly, nature already picked a grudge as there was something about the trees, grasses, and twigs.

The ecosystem was fast depreciating and nature became self aware realising their only chance of survival was to wipe out mankind.

When asked the inspiration behind DARKSAND, Fitila stated “Our environment is a very critical part of our existence and if we don’t protect it, we are insidiously putting ourselves and our family in danger in the long run”

He also revealed that due to the novel’s uniqueness and approach to environment and climate change, “As a matter of fact, many scientists and environmentalists will be using Darksand as a reference point on many climate change issues from now on.”

When asked how he felt about his status of being Africa’s first science fiction author, he said
“Publishing the book outside Nigeria is the very first option for any sensible individual for so many reasons. For one, your book won’t be struggling to survive and you might spend the rest of your life living on just one book as a billionaire but that odd in Nigeria is a fairytale but I have published DARKSAND as the first Science Fiction novel ever written and published in Nigeria and Africa and things are about to change in the kind of books we read and push in this country.”

He further states that “I did this for the generation to come to know we have so much to write about and we don’t need to follow the norm when we can create our own path.”

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