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Nigeria’s very own Golden girl and Photography protege,Ariyike Oluwaseun recently received the recognition and honouras one of the top 100 child prodigies in the world.

The 11-year-old professional photographer and CEO of AriyikePhotografy was garnered this honour at the Global Child Prodigy Awards which took place in Dubai in August.

The Global Child Prodigy Award is a global initiative with the unique mission of identifying, honoring, and encouraging 100 youngsters who possess amazing and outstanding talents and skills from different parts of the world every year.

This year, Nigeria’s Pride and Joy, Lil Miss Ariyike was globally recognized by all and sundry for her outstanding skills and entrepreneurial spirit.

Before gaining international fame and recognition, it was discovered that Ariyike and her family have graced several Local and National Newspaper as well as other media for their unique trans-generational skill of photography.

In 2019, a documentary was conducted by a TVC NewsReporter, Ola Awakan featuring Ariyike and her family for their peculiar love for the Camera.

It was discovered that Ariyike is the 4th generation of a long lineage of photographers, a skill her little sister Ajiyike also practices.

According to her mother, Mrs Adeyinka Oluwaseun who also happens to be a Photographer, Ariyike’s love for photography started at a tender age of five. 

Given the fact that her father, mother and grandmother were photographers, she was always surrounded by pictures and even received her first Camera which was a Polaroid Camera from her grandmother and has never stopped taking pictures since then.

Ariyike’s Grandmother, Mrs Oyeyemi Adetifa revealed that after she discovered that her granddaughter had the photography gene in her, she encouraged her son to support and direct her into the right path.

She also revealed that she learnt the skill from her uncle, HRM Oba Kayode Akinola, the Owa of Iludun, Ekiti State. It was also discovered in the course of the documentary that the traditional ruler was the 2nd person to process Coloured Films in Nigeria, a feat he achieved before becoming a traditional ruler.

In the documentary, Mr Adetifa Oluwaseun, Ariyike’s Father revealed that “Growing up, I decided that my kids are never going to work for anyone. We had a structured mindset for them that they are going to be entrepreneurs”

Mr Oluwaseun also left his Banking Job for the Camera as well as his wife and it seems like his daughters particularly Ariyike is also continuing the streak of entrepreneur and Photography in the family line.

Ariyike’s younger Sister, Ajiyike Oluwaseun is also aphotographer as well as hairstylist and fashion designer.

In an interview, Ariyike revealed that it has not been easy for her especially because of her age and height but her love for Photography is even stronger. She disclosed that her goal is to open her own studio and teach people to love photography like she does.

Lineage of Photographers produces youngest memory maker in Africa

It’s simply amazing that three years later, Ariyike is representing her entire family’s hard work and dedication as well as the nation on the international stage.

After receiving the award in Dubai, she encouraged kids and youths to live their dreams declaring that “When they say you cannot do it, show then you can do it”

Congratulations Wonder Girl Ariyike,

Keep Flying High!

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